Keeping Yourself Safe

Germs a Side

Royale Essance Antibacterial Hand Gel is designed to kill bacteria and prevent the spread of diseases.


As with all hand hygiene products, washing with Germs a Side is one of the easiest ways to remove bacteria and viruses from your hands to help protect yourself and others from illnesses.

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    Our hand gel is designed to give all round protection for healthy hands

    Germs a Side Hand Gel

    Germs-A-Side Antibacterial Hand Gel is designed to kill bacteria and prevent the spread of diseases. With antibacterial ingredients, our hand gel will leave your hands clean, moisturised, lightly scented and protected from germs and bacteria. In a long lasting 300ml bottle with a handy cap for easy dispensing and application, this hand gel kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, making it an essential for every day life. Our hand sanitiser gel can be used around your home, whilst going out shopping and for any hand contact with objects.
    Our range of antibacterial liquid hand gel is created from a trusted and expertly made formulation which cleans effectively killing 99.9% of bacteria

    Kills Microorganisms

    It’s very common for bacteria to live on your hands, but not viruses. Still, you want the option to remove both while you’re out on the go.


    A common reason people don’t wash their hands is that it’s faster just to walk away after using the bathroom.


    One of the biggest benefits of using hand sanitizer over soap is that you don’t need to be near a sink.

    Good for Sensitive Skin

    One common complaint about hand soap is that certain formulas are irritating for sensitive skin.

    Kills 99.9% of Germs and Bacteria

    Disinfectant Spray All in one

    No water to wash your hands? No problem. There’s a no more of an effective way of keeping your hands bacteria-free when on the go than using antibacterial hand gel.